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Teddy is a remarkable man filled with light!

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If you live in the Vancouver, Washington area and have ever been to Costco, you probably have seen this sharp-looking chum around. If not, here’s an article about him that will bring you up to speed, even though it was written a few years ago.

Here’s a few observations about Teddy:

1. He isn’t the CEO. He signs receipts and runs a cash register.

2. He sings. Using the voice he’s got, he belts out a melody that can be heard over the rattle of a misaligned cart wheel.

3. He smiles. At everyone. Positive attitude, uplifting to be around. He actually brings happiness to the folks who shop Costco. He’s even friendly to people who buy those big barrels of cheese balls.

4. Teddy from Costco Vancouver, WA, a private Facebook fan page currently has 4,807 members. Whoa. That’s 5x the number of people I personally know. 


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Pump in the desert!

One of the good things of being an MLM recruit at an early age is that I found some really valid information and read some books that expanded my thinking in areas that opened new doors.

One that rings true today as much as it rang true to that country boy then were these concepts of a “Pump in the desert!” by Ron Puryear.

It was a dynamic story that had some great storytelling but the gist of the idea was something that hit home with what I knew to be so true.

Pump in the Desert

If you take a great pump and give it a good source of water what one thing will cause it to fail?


Priming the pump removes air in a critical area and fills it with fluid, water in this case.

Without priming the pump cannot work or work effectively.

Now we can apply this concept in many ways, but the one thing we all fail at daily is understanding this one thing.

We have to prime our mind pump DAILY!  Everyday is new and unless you prime it right you get Jack and feel like squatting!

Even still as we know this to be true, we still reject the notion?! What is that?!  Why do I do that? Why do you, how do we brake out of that spell? That so called Control Drama….

We will get into the meat of this in the next blog.  What is a Control Drama.

Most of us  have come to the conclusion that if we do not feed our mind, our mind becomes lethargic and lacking in a driven effort to improve.  Sometimes we have a very valid reason or two.

Tony Robbins is a fascinating speaker, and has pointed us into the correct area he calls Neuron Linguistic Programming.

Fancy word, for feeding the brain what it needs to perform and free ourselves from the low frequency of negative reflection, something we spoke briefly in the blog “Deer In The Headlights”.

Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley, Zig Ziglar and many others have spoken to this in depth and moved millions from depression to educators on correct thinking processes.

The  leaders in the field like Steven Covey and one of our favorites is Tom Hopkins have so much to offer.

Phrases like this, Bad Seeds Bad Seeds!  Use this anytime you hear negativity, as it will keep you from entering into that downward spiral to lower frequency thinking. It tell’s whoever you are hearing that you are not interested in hearing it!

It reminds me of Naomi Judd and her direct response to her doctor who told her she had terminal disease.. guess what?

Her self talk and grasping this issue with spirit and attitude that she will become whole did exactly that.. HEALED!

Think of the idea expressed for optimum performance by Steven Covey” Sharpen the Saw” it applies to life and health and much much more. In our next blog we will be speaking of my favorite  “Pump in the Desert”

Sometimes timing is most critical, above all else, making waves and creating strife is always the opposite of what we should be looking to do, so if it’s creating strife, think twice.

Suggestion;  Do research that involves those that may be disturbed by change plan ahead so it doesn’t become forced.

One easy method is career pages, maybe a good ice breaker would be to talk about acting, or being a public figure.

One great place to start and find how they work is Back Stage jobs. Or try one of these other options like an online Insurance Course.

Maybe it is time to think independent.  Some great methods have made it easy to have an online store, one of our favorites is Shopify. Remember to keep overhead low, as low as possible, otherwise we just spin our wheels making someone else money.

Here is a quick example of areas you may want to gather information from;


Real Estate





The key here is to take enough time to do a little dreaming, see the ball.. be the ball.  Exube your self!

Sometimes the same old same old just doesn’t cut it anymore. many times we feel held back by lack of decision.

Some exceptional teachers on moving forward can shed much light on the subject, these are not fly by the seat of the pants gurus, these are ones tried and true.  One of my all time favorites is Brian Tracy he has the ability to make the rubber hit the road in a very short length of time, I call him the getrdone maestro.  Of course Tony Robbins is also one of my all time favorites in making massive action towards the change we want.