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Pump in the desert!

One of the good things of being an MLM recruit at an early age is that I found some really valid information and read some books that expanded my thinking in areas that opened new doors.

One that rings true today as much as it rang true to that country boy then were these concepts of a “Pump in the desert!” by Ron Puryear.

It was a dynamic story that had some great storytelling but the gist of the idea was something that hit home with what I knew to be so true.

Pump in the Desert

If you take a great pump and give it a good source of water what one thing will cause it to fail?


Priming the pump removes air in a critical area and fills it with fluid, water in this case.

Without priming the pump cannot work or work effectively.

Now we can apply this concept in many ways, but the one thing we all fail at daily is understanding this one thing.

We have to prime our mind pump DAILY!  Everyday is new and unless you prime it right you get Jack and feel like squatting!

Even still as we know this to be true, we still reject the notion?! What is that?!  Why do I do that? Why do you, how do we brake out of that spell? That so called Control Drama….

We will get into the meat of this in the next blog.  What is a Control Drama.


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