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Most of us  have come to the conclusion that if we do not feed our mind, our mind becomes lethargic and lacking in a driven effort to improve.  Sometimes we have a very valid reason or two.

Tony Robbins is a fascinating speaker, and has pointed us into the correct area he calls Neuron Linguistic Programming.

Fancy word, for feeding the brain what it needs to perform and free ourselves from the low frequency of negative reflection, something we spoke briefly in the blog “Deer In The Headlights”.

Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley, Zig Ziglar and many others have spoken to this in depth and moved millions from depression to educators on correct thinking processes.

The  leaders in the field like Steven Covey and one of our favorites is Tom Hopkins have so much to offer.

Phrases like this, Bad Seeds Bad Seeds!  Use this anytime you hear negativity, as it will keep you from entering into that downward spiral to lower frequency thinking. It tell’s whoever you are hearing that you are not interested in hearing it!

It reminds me of Naomi Judd and her direct response to her doctor who told her she had terminal disease.. guess what?

Her self talk and grasping this issue with spirit and attitude that she will become whole did exactly that.. HEALED!

Think of the idea expressed for optimum performance by Steven Covey” Sharpen the Saw” it applies to life and health and much much more. In our next blog we will be speaking of my favorite  “Pump in the Desert”


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