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Sometimes timing is most critical, above all else, making waves and creating strife is always the opposite of what we should be looking to do, so if it’s creating strife, think twice.

Suggestion;  Do research that involves those that may be disturbed by change plan ahead so it doesn’t become forced.

One easy method is career pages, maybe a good ice breaker would be to talk about acting, or being a public figure.

One great place to start and find how they work is Back Stage jobs. Or try one of these other options like an online Insurance Course.

Maybe it is time to think independent.  Some great methods have made it easy to have an online store, one of our favorites is Shopify. Remember to keep overhead low, as low as possible, otherwise we just spin our wheels making someone else money.

Here is a quick example of areas you may want to gather information from;


Real Estate





The key here is to take enough time to do a little dreaming, see the ball.. be the ball.  Exube your self!


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