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Jump before you look

90% of what we worry about… never happens.

Every single one of us has limitations placed deep in our psyche that prevents us from making those changes we desire.

Once we find the so called “man behind the curtain”  Wizard of Oz, we can incrementally make progress towards new channels of thinking and understanding the why in what we do…. that we don’t want to do.

This opens up the eye’s to achieve an Exuberant life!

Just as television has caused a decline in the moral conscious of man, so has it had an impact on our own, sadly what we watch and observe over time can lead to us replicating it in life.

We are seeing it in the news, and social media daily. Can we agree on these points?

A handful of motivational speakers over the years have made great strides in blocking and reducing these impacts the media influences have had on us negatively.  The common keys we must come to understand.  We will discuss in individual blogs that invite participation in our Facebook group “Exuberant” we really would love to have you join us in a  real and truthful experience.  We will be discussing what has worked and in many cases reveal the many obstacles left hidden just under the surface but preventing us from making those strides upstream in the flow of life, helping us realize that resistance is real and we need a strategy to circumvent it passing it by..

Next update; The deer in the headlights!


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  1. I am excited for the next blog!


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